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Emotional Stages of Planning

Pop the champagne corks: This is really happening! Getting engaged to my husband Jason was a surreal experience, even though I had a feeling that bended-knee moment was coming. I was initiated into the incredibly wonderful (and wacky) world of weddings. I nostalgically look back on all of my wedding experiences now that my proofs are back, my beautiful wedding dress is dangling from a closet door, waiting to be preserved, and I’m transitioning into my role as a [...]

Find the RIGHT DJ

Determine whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer who can bring a level of expertise and versatility to your event. “You want to ensure that your DJ isn’t a one-dimensional part-timer, but a true performer whose had varied and extensive experience performing in front of different (and tough) audiences,” It’s fine if your prospective DJ mainly focuses on weddings— Luke Entertainment performs at well over 100 per year—as long as they squeeze in some time for other types of [...]

Perfect Setting for Your Wedding

“To one bride, romance is a grand ballroom with candles everywhere. To another bride, it’s a meadow filled with wildflowers. They’re both right,” says Tara Guérard, who works with couples in her event design firm Tara Guérard Soirée, based in Charleston and New York City. “It all comes down to, what’s your story?” says Robert Palomo, of New York-based Bardin-Palomo Event Planning Company. “When you focus on the little things that show your guests what’s important to you, your [...]

Here Come the Bridesmaids

Now is not the time to make any bridal-party decisions you may regret. If you are choosing between someone you knew in college and a new sibling-in-law, remember that a part of your new life as a spouse-to-be is to put family first—including his. Your friends may not be there forever, but your sister-in-law will be. So if you are pressured to choose a family member (even if you would rather not), bend. You will thank me later when she’s not [...]