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Luke Entertainment offers 8 Standard Colors using state of the art LED Lighting Technology. You can choose a standard color of your choice or we can also customize a color based on using an RGB Color Mix Chart.

Totally Cool (Literally!) & Completely Safe.  Our lights run cool to the touch. Since they are LED, there is no risk of burns or fire and will not heat up the room like conventional Halogen lights,

We will customize the number of Up Lights based on the room size. We include a generous amount of lights; enough for even large venues.

We will set up the lighting in advance, and remove it at the end of your event. We will also send you a room layout of where the lights will be placed with a sample of the color you choose ahead of time for your peace of mind.

The cost of Up Lighting varies from event to event based on the Venue, the number of lights needed and your budget. In many circumstances we can offer Up Lighting at a very minimal charge and in some cases even FREE.

Wedding or Event Uplighting

  • 8 Standard Colors. Choose a color or colors of your choice.
  • Power Required. All of our lights are AC powered, and do require electricity from the venue.  perfect for all events.
  • Totally Cool.  Completely Safe.  Our lights run cool to the touch.  No risk of burns or fire.
  • Up to 100+ Custom Color Lights. We include a generous amount of colors to chosse; a color for any venue.
  • Professional Staff.  We will set up the lighting in advance, and remove it at the end of your event.

Uplighting and Color Options

Uplighting is quickly becoming a “must-have” option at most events that we do. With the rapid rise in cool-running LED technology, the fixtures have become economical and most importantly, safe for use around hundreds of guests.

Uplighting is so popular, in fact, that just about every DJ company and rental house offers it. But uplighting is NOT all made the same, and there’s nothing worse than being unpleasantly surprised when you show up to your event.

30+ years in business

Since 1985, Luke Entertainment Productions, has been the Up Lighting, Monogram and Dance Floor Lighting choice for Wedding Receptions and private parties.

Loved by customers

“Thank you for adding the beautiful Royal Blue Up Lights to our venue. The room went from a boring room with four walls to a beautiful place that accented the colors I had on the tables and in my decor. Just beautiful!” Jerry & Kelly R.

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